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Real Nigga Quotes

"When its all about the art, the dollar is one. The dollar is not, the dollar is none."

- Dayne Jordan on All About The Art.

Jun 13

"I’m a rascally rabbit, I know that tricks is for addicts. That need fixes for habits, along with carrots and cabbage."

- Chance The Rapper via Paradise.

Jun 13

"You tellin’ me I can be King of Hip-Hop and they wouldn’t give it to Andre 3000?"

- Big KRIT on Mount Olympus.

May 2
May 2
That shit that I’m cooking aint meant for yo kind.


You would be mortified if I would put on screen what I’ve seen. Horrified holy Bibles, rivals, vital organs. Little bitty baby bodies, bridal gowns coffins. Morphine, gang bang, gangreneslauson, swap meet. Meet greet, pop I don’t sleep, I don’t stop. I love hate, hate cops. That’s why I laugh when you pull it. I’m motivated and crass. I’m so elated when I see them on the news (you fuckin’ pigs!). They flying the flag half mass. See there’s no need for conversation. When we’re discussing the bullet’s point of view.

Apr 14
See I’m sort of certified, I’m fortified live.

"Momma I got dreams but dreams don’t keep the lights on."

- Little Brother

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Apr 14

"We fight demons from our past, only to face new monsters. I ask, are we comatose or unconscious?"

- Pharoahe Monch via Times 2 via PTSD.

Apr 14
Apr 14
Showin love can net you none in return, I had it backlash soo much I studied the burn.

"All this confusion, I found no conclusion how love make units, but paper can bring ruins."

- XV on Round Me via March Madness Vol. 2: Sweet Sixteens.

Apr 14

"Spill out my guts and fill the stick with Indo. Vibin’ over instrumentals as I find my mental. Minimizers like the windows to my eyelids. My pain sits on the seal to heal, chill, enjoy the tempo. Fans getting so annoyed the world doesn’t know the boy. From the home of Superman not the Soulja Boy. The coldest boy with red in his eyes. And he’s on top of the roof cause he said he could fly."

- XV on Another Illusion via March Madness Vol 2: Sweet Sixteens.

Apr 13

"I’m getting grey lungs talking shit and pissing whiskey. Long nights, praying my days don’t end quickly. By my BM, that BMW six-fifty. I got the key to transform that bitch like Witwicky. And the John Q’s, that dude is a Square. They buy son, that’s the boss until Akuma appears. Suddenly they out their seat like musical chairs. Ain’t gotta ask who’s the leader they saluted me there."

- XV on One Gang via March Madness Vol. 2: Sweet Sixteens.

Apr 13

"No words that I ain’t writ, with words that you can’t script. We all know who did it first, it just hurts you to admit. I been shitted on, spit up on, dissed and forgotten. Rick Ross can be a cop, Drake started from the bottom?"

- Asher Roth on Pearly Gates via Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2.

Apr 7

"Hamburger helper, got the gloves if you beefin’."

- Chance The Rapper via Dear Chicago Summer.

Apr 1

"Raps like Starwars only the stars die. Its no sequels, beat 3 cases. See 3 Po’s. Before Morpheus and Neo was killin em, we was in the hood duckin bullets like Remo Williams. Understand the underground dom stripper. Take it serious or die laughin like John Ritter."

- Pharoahe Monch on What It Is via Desire.

Mar 20


I respond to the index, when you pull it. The trigger, so make a note take a vote. Quick man, nicknames Quaker Oats, cause. Whether domestic violence or coke deals. See, I lust to change brain matter to oatmeal. And when I kill kids, they say shame on me. Who the fuck told you to put they names on me?

Mar 19
Good evening, my name’s Mr. Bullet.