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"Lord I ain’t ya best son, I ain’t been to church in a while; but on that liquor I confess some. I missed a couple blessin’s; wasn’t ready. I was countin’ money, but I swear I’ll catch the next one. I did some dirt to be the fresh one, I lost some friends over ends. But, I guess thats what I get huh? Chasin’ dreams that I could barely see. Shootin’ for the stars, when thats somethin’ I could never be. Maybe all the flash wasn’t meant for me. Maybe, I’m too real for this industry. I sit alone in this four cornered room; writing about life and how it goes too soon. Pimpin’ these brauds, fast cars and jewels; all in the blink of an eye I could lose."

- Big K.R.I.T on Good Enough via K.R.I.T Wuz Here.

Aug 12 -

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